Spend Matters UK/Europe Round-Up

Here's what Peter has been up to:

Procurement for (very) small businesses – and what large ones can learn -- having run two VERY small ("micro" is the official terminology) businesses, here are my five key learnings on effective procurement.

When getting suppliers to take the risk doesn't always pay off -- Risk allocation in contracts is one of those iceberg issues. I suspect a lot of people on both buy and supply side rarely think about it consciously, let alone in a structured manner. Yet it can have a major effect on how good a contract and deal you finally get. Here' s an example of what we mean.

Supplier news from the procurement world... -- Achilles, the leading supplier information management services and software provider, has announced the appointment of a new CEO, Adrian Chamberlain. Colin Maund, current CEO and one of the firm's founders, is becoming Chairman and very much staying involved with the business.

Why do procurement and outsourcing practitioners fall out? -- This quarter's edition of Outsource magazine is out – a very impressive quarterly glossy journal with high quality articles and features covering a wide range of topics. And the definition of "outsourcing" is pretty broad – I would say that well over half the content is highly relevant to a general procurement audience. It gets a little specialist in terms of IT issues at times, but there' s a lot that is relevant to most of in the procurement world.

July Music Review – Horrors, Cashier No 9 and WU LYF -- Not a huge number of big releases this month, but one stand-out album. The Horrors must have developed more quickly and more unexpectedly than any other UK band of the last 5 years at least. After their first album, Strange House, a gothic/rockabilly concoction that signaled "one-album wonder" loud and clear, they came back in 2009 with the Mercury-nominated Primary Colours.

- Sheena Moore

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