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I just love these goats.
Money Savers and Crowd Pleasers With Cloven Hooves -- With brown, dusty grass lining the hillside, this scrubby patch of land in the middle of downtown is not that much to look at. But in the span of a few days, the weeds on the patch along South Hill Street has gone from a few feet tall to mere inches -- thanks to a herd of goats that gobble up to 15 pounds of grass and such a day and have become something of a sightseeing attraction in the downtown bustle.

Another Chinese knockoff.
Introducing The China "HiPhone 5"; Apple Knock-Off Sells For $35 -- Apple's ragingly popular iPhone 5 has already hit the Chinese market, only it comes with a Shanghai surprise...its own little China nip and tuck. Creatively dubbed the 'hiPhone 5?, The Economic Times of India says it is selling online at Taobao.com.cn now for 200 yuan – around $31. The pirated version is around four times cheaper than the original, and looks a little different.

That's one way to save on the heating bill...
Cremators to heat crematorium offices in Taunton -- Cremators could be used to heat up a Somerset crematorium chapel and offices.
Taunton Deane Borough Council said it was looking at the option of using the cremators to save energy elsewhere and make money by selling excess electricity to the National Grid.

Riot risk...
London Rioting Prompts Fears Over Soccer and Olympics -- Fearing for the safety of players and fans amid the rioting in London, soccer officials on Tuesday canceled two international matches and may postpone the opening weekend of the English Premier League, prompting questions about the city's ability to secure high-profile events like soccer matches and next summer's Olympics.

- Sheena Moore

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