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Japan's new normal.
Radiation limits to be tightened at schools -- The Japanese government will tighten radiation exposure limits for children at schools in Fukushima Prefecture. The education ministry says it will lower the threshold for cumulative external radiation permitted at schools and kindergartens to a maximum annual exposure of one millisievert. The figure translates to less than one microsievert per hour. The previous standards of a maximum 20 millisieverts per year and 3.8 microsieverts per hour were set in April following the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

I know I could use some humor today. How about you?
The Funniest Internet Reactions to the East Coast Earthquake -- n August 23, 2011, the East Coast felt a 5.9 earthquake. It's being said that it was felt from Virginia to Toronto. The East Coast isn't used to this. The West Coast usually sleeps through earthquakes of this size. Hence, the internet erupted with jokes making fun of the East for making such a big deal about the quake. So, from Twitter reactions, to Reddit comics, to viral images, here are the funniest internet reactions to the East Coast's earthquake on August 23, 2011.

Cheaper iPhone 4?
Apple's Cheaper iPhone 4 -- The point, the strategy behind this, is that the iPhone is simply too expensive for large parts of the market. Those parts being many of the people in developing markets. But of course, Apple doesn't want to reduce the prices that we rich world people are willing to pay for a phone: that would be silly, leaving money that Apple could have had on the table. So it makes perfect sense to introduce a "lower grade" of iPhone at a lower price point. Thus they can still charge us what we're willing to pay for the top end models and also start making inroads into those developing markets.

Up and up.
U.S. Durable Goods Orders Rose in July -- Orders for aircraft and autos last month drove up demand in July for long-lasting manufactured goods, the government said Wednesday. Outside of those categories, businesses invested less in factory goods. The Commerce Department reported that overall orders for durable goods rose 4 percent last month, the biggest increase since March. Demand for autos and auto parts jumped 11.5 percent, the most in eight years. Aircraft orders, a volatile category, soared 43.4 percent, after falling 24 percent in June.

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