Spend Matters Friday Latte

Hey! A Spend Matters/Aravo webinar!
Quantifying Supplier Management Returns: Hard Dollar Working Capital Improvement and Beyond -- How many companies have implemented a supplier management system only to be hindered by data quality issues? Supplier duplication, contradictory payment terms, and incomplete supplier records prevent sourcing and procurement systems from delivering their anticipated ROI.

Hey! An Iasta webinar too!
Using Spend Analysis to Smooth the M&A Path: 4 Steps to Consolidate Your Purchasing Power -- Did you know post-M&A spend analysis efforts typically yield a savings of 7-10 times the project investment? Spend visibility is critical in helping your organization consolidate its purchasing power. Without spend visibility, you could be missing out on significant cost-savings opportunities. You never knows where an organization's true and best opportunities are until the majority of spend data has been analyzed. Embarking on a spend analysis initiative allows your company to rationalize its supply base, implement organizational change, uncover hidden pieces of market intelligence and identify the sourcing categories that present the best opportunities for cost reduction. Register for this Webcast to learn a holistic four-step approach to mastering a spend analysis implementation with best practices in mind.

Feasting on Paperwork -- Call it Dodd-Frank Inc. A year after Congress passed the broadest financial overhaul since the Great Depression, the law has spawned a host of new businesses to help Wall Street comply -- and capitalize -- on the hundreds of new regulations. Besides the lawyers, there are legions of corporate accountants, financial consultants, risk management advisers, turnaround artists and technology vendors all vying for their cut.

Disaster Costs Pile Up for Insurers -- Earthquakes, floods and other disasters cost the world's insurance industry around $70 billion in the first half of this year, turning 2011 into the second-most expensive for claims in more than 40 years, Swiss Re said Friday. Only 2005, when hurricanes Katrina, Wilma and Rita cost more than $90 billion, saw bigger losses in the first half. "Additional claims from the ongoing U.S. hurricane season or expensive winter storms in Europe have the potential to bring figures for the full year even closer to the record claims of $120 billion experienced in 2005," said Thomas Hess, chief economist at Swiss Re.

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