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Wal-Mart sets to doctorin'.
Attention Wal-Mart Patients! -- The New York Times recently reported: "Wal-Mart is striding into the market for electronic health records [EHRs], seeking to bring the technology into the mainstream for physicians in small offices, where most of America's doctors practice medicine." Through a partnership between its Sam's Club division, Dell and eClinicalWorks, Wal-Mart will become a turnkey solution provider, "making the technology more accessible and affordable, undercutting rival health information technology suppliers by as much as half." To get started, Wal-Mart is successfully test marketing to the 200,000+ healthcare providers who are Sam's Club members. It will support a streamlined sales process (combination of direct sales people, service professionals, web-meetings, etc.) that will be staffed and executed by software sales executives from its partner, eClinicalWorks.

Woah, I didn't know they were doing this!
Panama Canal expansion could bring shift in distribution patterns -- Just when supply chain experts thought they had it all figured out, the revamped and expanded Panama Canal opening in 2014 will raise a lot of questions and potentially change current shipping patterns for many large-scale distributors. Strong supply-chain logistics and distribution strategies have become essential for companies in a consumer-driven economy. Always looking to get an edge, smart firms vet the various methods and routes available to them in order to mitigate costs and retain more for their bottom line.

CSR for Nascar.
Gentlemen, Start Conserving -- Is green Nascar an oxymoron? After all, the sport is all about watching gas guzzlers drive at high speeds in circles for hours. Until 2007, race cars used leaded fuel. Tens of thousands of fans still drive to races in recreational vehicles and other gas hogs.

Western Union - Broadband 1963 style. -- I know, you're probably thinking that all computing in the sixties was accomplished by banging rocks together, and that transmitting data by wires was invented by Madonna in 1985. Actually sending data by wire was happening back in the 1800s. Doing it wirelessly was invented in 1924. When all of global trade happened by sea, there's a strong impetus to stay in touch with ships out in the middle of nowhere. So the biggest driver of wireless fax technology in the twenties was keeping track of the latest shipment of sock garters from London.

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