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SAP to Acquire Business-to-Business Networking Provider Crossgate -- Adding to its portfolio of solutions that create rapid value for customers worldwide, SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today announced its intent to acquire business-to-business (B2B) integration provider Crossgate. A leading provider of hosted B2B integration services, Crossgate enables companies to fully integrate and network with trading partners, clients and suppliers, allowing electronic data exchange with any business partner regardless of their technical capability. As a result of this acquisition, SAP will enable networking at the enterprise level, providing an easy way for trading partners to collaborate, share data and automate processes that link customers and suppliers for streamlined B2B e-commerce.

Hubspan redid the dictionary -- in Cloud terms.
Hubspan's Business Cloud Integration Glossary -- Cloud computing and integration are the hottest topics in IT, with Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and other key players providing solutions that help companies leverage the cloud and integration services. This glossary clarifies some of the terms bursting out of "the cloud."

With nutrition comes a price.
Public Schools Face the Rising Costs of Serving Lunch -- Under a little-noticed provision of the child nutrition bill signed by President Obama in December, which brought more fresh produce and less whole milk to cafeterias nationwide, school districts are required to start bringing their prices in line with what it costs to prepare the meals, eventually charging an average of $2.46 for the lunches they serve.

Didn't crash Target's website for nothin'.
Commodity Couture -- If there were any sleep-plaguing doubts that designers matter, the recent crash of Target's website as it debuted its collaboration with Missoni should help you rest easy. Yes, the real-world votes are tallied, and designers seized the day and took the web platform with them. The bigger question is why, of course. It's easy to look out over the retail landscape and report that everything the couture sun touches is in its kingdom. But Missoni is no Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein. This is an Italian brand founded in 1953, and while highly respected among those that lunch as a living, it is hardly a household name. So what was it that drove a niche luxury brand to crash a sturdy mass retailer's website?

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