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UARS Updates (Nasa's live updates) -- As of 10:30 a.m. EDT on Sept. 23, 2011, the orbit of UARS was 100 miles by 105 miles (160 km by 170 km). Re-entry is expected late Friday, Sept. 23, or early Saturday, Sept. 24, Eastern Daylight Time. Solar activity is no longer the major factor in the satellite's rate of descent. The satellite's orientation or configuration apparently has changed, and that is now slowing its descent. There is a low probability any debris that survives re-entry will land in the United States, but the possibility cannot be discounted because of this changing rate of descent. It is still too early to predict the time and location of re-entry with any certainty, but predictions will become more refined in the next 12 to 18 hours.

So quit droolin', ya nerds.
Analyst Says 'No Discernible Difference' Between iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 -- Although there is nothing shocking about Monday's report from Concord Securities Ming-Chi Kuo who says Apple's iPhone 5 is going to ship shortly after the golden master of iOS 5 reaches assemblers later this month, perhaps the most interesting morsel of information presented in Kuo's research note to investors is the consistent claim that the iPhone 5 will be virtually identical to the iPhone 4.

Oh good.
Retail supply chain careers have staying power -- A lot of people in the supply chain side of retailing will tell you they fell into the job. Randal Nichol, now the manager distribution centre for Mountain Equipment Co- op in Surrey, BC, says he's one of them. "Distribution management isn't exactly what younger people talk about when they're choosing a career.'' Once you fall into the job however, you tend to stick around, he says.

Unfolding the IKEA Effect: Why We Love the Things We Build -- The IKEA Effect refers to the tendency for people to value things they have created/built themselves more than if made by someone else – in fact, nearly as much as if an expert had created the same item. I recently came across a fascinating article by Norton, Mochon and Ariely[1] in the Journal of Consumer Psychology (i.e. marketing) testing this.

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