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Sheena is out frolicking in the mud of Wisconsin for the weekend, so today's Friday Latte is brought to you by Brianna Tonner, Spend Matters' new part-time employee extraordinaire.

The kids at Starbucks won't stand for this!
Apple Cuts Orders for iPad 2 Parts -- Apple is cutting orders to vendors for its iPad tablet computers that could lead to slower sales for supply-chain vendors, according to a report from JP Morgan Chase and Co.Apple has lowered fourth quarter iPad orders by about 25 percent according to several supply-chain vendors. This is the biggest cut that Apple has ever done. The report didn't mention any companies that had been affected by the supply order cut but for vendors such as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. it could mean a drop of up to 13 million units in the fourth quarter. One reason behind the cut analysts say is the weakening demand in Europe due to economic woes. It could also be a strategy by Apple to reduce inventory to drive up demand according to Wanli Wang, a Taipei-based industry analyst at RBS Asia Ltd., said today.

Keepin' it cool.
UPS Offers New Cold Chain Solutions -- UPS has announced it will offer an innovative air freight container for healthcare products, providing an unparalleled level of shipment monitoring and product protection for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, vaccines and biologics. Only available through UPS, the PharmaPort 360 addresses a key industry issue of safeguarding healthcare shipments in the supply chain by enabling near real-time monitoring and maintaining product temperatures in extreme outside conditions.

If I could post Billy Joel's "We didn't start the fire" video, that is what you would get for a title.
Amazon's Fire tablet will help boost media companies -- Jeff Bezos' unveiling of Amazon's new tablets has sparked a close examination of their impact on technology companies like Apple and Google. But we can't overlook the boost these new gadgets will have on media companies -- they stand to cash in on the new platform to read and watch everything from magazines to movies. Just look at the price tags -- Amazon's selling these tablets for such low prices because they plan to make up the difference by selling more content. Just like the Kindle created massive demand for eBooks, these affordable devices could change the way people buy and consume content.

Ag-citing news
USDA provides $136m for biofuel supply chain research -- The US Department of Agriculture has announced $136 million in funding for five major agricultural research projects today aimed at developing regional, renewable energy markets and decreasing America's dependence on foreign oil. The five-year program will deliver more than $136 million in research and development grants to public and private sector partners in 22 states. University partners from the states of Washington, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Iowa will lead the projects, which focus in part on developing aviation biofuels from tall grasses, crop residues and forest resources. US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack made the announcement with partners from private industry, research institutions, and the biofuels industry at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport yesterday.

-- Brianna Tonner

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