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Feds to Gibson: Hand over more wood -- Federal authorities are pressuring Nashville-based Gibson Guitar to hand over an additional 25 bundles of Indian wood that the company allegedly planned to use in its famous guitars. The complaint was filed today in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee and mirrors a 2010 action that sought official forfeiture of wood obtained in a 2009 raid of Gibson facilities. The latter of those cases has been stayed, pending the outcome of the most recent suit.

Union vs. contractors battle it out in Chicago...
Emanuel's 'managed competition' push goes into full swing on recycling pickups -- Starting Monday, residents in Beverly will have their curbside recycling picked up by a single Waste Management driver in an automated truck that tips glass, paper and plastic into the back. Not far away in the West Lawn neighborhood, two-worker crews from Chicago's Streets and Sanitation Department will continue to pick up recycled goods in a similar truck -- one driving and one dumping the bins.

bawk bawk bawk!!!!
Pilgrim's Pride Manipulated Chicken Prices, Judge Rules -- A federal judge ruled Pilgrim's Pride Corp. knowingly tried to manipulate the price of chicken in 2009 and ordered the company to pay $26 million in damages to dozens of contract poultry growers in Arkansas. A decision by Pilgrim's Pride in 2009 to shutter a chicken processing plant in El Dorado, Ark., "was motivated by a desire to manipulate the price of chicken," U.S. Magistrate Judge Charles Everingham IV ruled Friday. In the ruling, the judge cited as evidence an internal email message from William Snyder, the company's chief restructuring officer, in which he wrote the company planned "to restrict the chicken in the area and allow prices to rise."

Well? Are you?
Are You Ready for a World of Consumer-Managed Data? -- It has been a few years since Forrester delved deeply into the issues surrounding consumer privacy, and in that time, an awful lot has changed: Facebook Connect, Google ID, Yahoo Identity, and Sign In With Twitter have emerged as a whole new way of being recognized across a myriad of websites across the Net. As little as a decade ago, most adults online couldn't have imagined the convenience of single sign-on.

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