SM/MM Survey: Supplier Management, Vendor/Material Risk and Supply Chain Traceability

Spend Matters and MetalMiner have published extensive research in the area of supplier management. But nearly all of our analysis and primary research to date has focused on vendor level information, aside from coverage of conflict minerals (Dodd-Frank) and related registration. Now, we're hoping to dig deeper into the area of supplier management, vendor/material risk and supply chain traceability by conducting a survey and additional primary research that takes an even deeper view of the extended products and vendor supply chain.

This survey aims to examine the potential demand for supplier information and enrichment content primarily on the item/material level, including products/components/chemicals that may be subject to regulation or restriction based on their base components, inherent hazards or intended usage. It will be used to judge the broader marketplace interest in these new solutions and the findings may be shared, in the aggregate, with a range of organizations as well as Spend Matters and MetalMiner readers.

Your participation is much appreciated, and your response will only be used to create statistical data, and will not be traceable back to you or your company. Spend Matters and MetalMiner will provide a copy of the survey findings to those that provide an email address at the conclusion of the survey. We look forward to continuing to take our coverage of supplier management to a new level, inclusive of broader CSR and regulatory compliance initiatives like Dodd-Frank, and thank you in advance for playing a role in providing key insights into the direction of the market.

Also, please don't forget to join us for next week's webinar: Conflict Minerals - A Sourcing Manager's Legislative Guide to Implementing Frank-Dodd.

Jason Busch

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