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Savings in the cloud.
It's Official! US Intelligence Community Is Moving To The Cloud! -- Today at the GEOINT 2011 Symposium in San Antonio, TX, Director of National Intelligence Jim Clapper told the almost 4000 attendees that the United States Intelligence Community will use cloud computing as a tool to meet aggressive budget reduction targets. As heard by my own ears and verified by AOL Defense: "The biggest portion of those cuts, spread across 10 years, will come from anything labeled information technology....Cloud computing -- while not a panacea -- makes possible much of those savings."

Actually pretty curious about this cost/benefit analysis.
Coach Wants to See You. And Bring Your iPad. -- When Ravens officials bought 120 iPads in the off-season they were looking to do more than lighten their players' load. Replacing the once-ubiquitous three-ring binder was a bonus -- though most teams already used DVDs instead -- but the main purpose of switching to an electronic playbook was to make a daunting amount of information available to each player in one place.

One of my favorite things about home: ruined.
Salmon-Killing Virus Seen for First Time in the Wild on the Pacific Coast -- A lethal and highly contagious marine virus has been detected for the first time in wild salmon in the Pacific Northwest, researchers in British Columbia said on Monday, stirring concern that it could spread there, as it has in Chile, Scotland and elsewhere. Farms hit by the virus, infectious salmon anemia, have lost 70 percent or more of their fish in recent decades. But until now, the virus, which does not affect humans, had never been confirmed on the West Coast of North America.

I guess that's a positive?
Warming Revives Dream of Sea Route in Russian Arctic -- Rounding the northernmost tip of Russia in his oceangoing tugboat this summer, Capt. Vladimir V. Bozanov saw plenty of walruses, some pods of beluga whales and in the distance a few icebergs. One thing Captain Bozanov did not encounter while towing an industrial barge 2,300 miles across the Arctic Ocean was solid ice blocking his path anywhere along the route. Ten years ago, he said, an ice-free passage, even at the peak of summer, was exceptionally rare.

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