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Happy First Birthday, Spend Matters UK/Europe!
Here are some interesting things about one-year-olds, according to PBS:

  • Emotionally, one-year-olds are just learning to recognize and manage their feelings. They experience a wide range of emotions and have tantrums when they are tired or frustrated.
  • During this year, language skills typically progress from grunting and pointing to speaking single words and experimenting with simple word combinations.
  • They hold their hands out to the side or poke their bellies out for balance. Their gait is a bit awkward and clumsy and falls are common. They use their new mobility to push and pull toys, dance and climb.

Congratulations, Peter!

Don't forget! Webinar tomorrow!
Labor Services Procurement: How to Buy Brains vs. Brawn with Better SOW and Vested Outsourcing Approaches -- This webinar, presented by Spend Matters and sponsored by IQNavigator, will begin with opening statements from Jason Busch, executive editor of Spend Matters. Author, educator and business consultant Kate Vitasek will then offer insights into how shift to buying a service provider's brainpower – or solutions – using better SOW and Vested Outsourcing Approaches, examining the findings of a research study led by the University of Tennessee around the procurement of deliverables-based labor.

"The greatest systemic threat"
Supply chain risk poses 'greatest threat' to one-third of US firms -- Almost a third of US companies admit the greatest systemic threat to their operations comes from supply chain risk. According to a new study by the Audit Committee Institute (ACI) of KPMG, the audit, tax and advisory firm, most US companies are most concerned about economic and financial risk, at 87%, "cyber risk" (assault on global IT infrastructure), at 41%, "geopolitical risk," 39%, and supply chain risk, 32%.

For my boyfriend's sake, let's hope the Cards pull a win tonight (and don't mishear over the telephone)!
Baseball's Game of Telephone -- But if St. Louis Cardinals Manager Tony La Russa is to be believed, that most commonplace of communication options helped decide Game 5 of the World Series on Monday night. According to La Russa, the first-year Cardinals bullpen coach, Derek Lilliquist, amid the din of the crowd at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, twice misheard his requests as to which pitchers should get warmed up. As a result, the wrong pitcher was in the game at the wrong time. The mishaps led to a two-run eighth inning and a 4-2 victory for the Texas Rangers, and a three-games-to-two deficit for St. Louis in the best-of-seven series.

Just in case you get a hankering in the middle of the night.
Luxury ATM Dispenses Diamond Jewelry, Gold, Silver and Religious Jewelry -- What's next, diamond jewelry coming out of ATM machines? Well, yes. In a testament to the economic growth of India, its insatiable appetite for consuming products and the creativity, even audacity, of companies willing to find ways to feed that appetite; an Indian company has built the world's first machine that dispenses out gold, silver, diamond jewelry and religious jewelry.

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