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Want your head, and data in the cloud? Remember to consider all the cost.
7 Poor Excuses for Not Measuring Cloud Computing Costs -- How much does cloud computing really cost? Anyone know yet? Last week, I mentioned some estimates which suggest that companies can save up to 30% in IT costs over a three-year period employing cloud resources versus on-premises equipment. A relatively small operation with two application servers and two database servers could expect to pay about $106,000 over a three-year period, versus $149,000 for internal IT.

Walmart gets spend appy.
Walmart's New Mobile Apps Add Voice And Budgeting Tools -- Walmart wants its customers to have easy access to Walmart products whether they're at home or in the store. The retail giant is releasing two new mobile apps built by its @WalmartLabs group (story) with that goal in mind.

Wanna start a restaurant? Don't turn to the bank for your start-up cash.
To Raise Cash, Restaurants Turn to the Crowd -- "I liquidated my 401(k) and my I.R.A. as well," Mr. Lefkove said. "I even sold my guitars." It wasn't enough. He and a partner reached out to friends and family and used their own credit cards. Still not enough. "We picked up investors -- some became partners, some would get a return, everyone was structured differently," he said. "Even that was not enough." So to help get his restaurant, Littleneck, over the finish line, the next stop was Kickstarter.com -- a Web site that solicits donations to finance art, technology and business projects. Promising little more than good karma, some discounts and a T-shirt, he raised $13,000 from 162 donors -- $5,000 more than his goal. With the help of a few final investors, the 38-seat restaurant began serving fried clams and lobster rolls last month, with the chef Alan Harding in the kitchen.

There's a market for everything.
Identity theft marketplace sells mothers' maiden names, dates of birth, etc -- Many websites will allow you to "recover a lost password" if you (or a crook) can supply your date of birth, mother's maiden name, etc. So, of course, crooks buy and sell data like dates of birth, mothers' maiden names, Social Security Numbers, and other easily mined minutae. Brian Krebs reports from superget.info, a site that sells would-be fraudsters this information, and also has a wholesale program so that entrepreneurial crooks can resell your personal information to their friends.

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