Friday Rant: Celebrating One Year of Spend Matters in the Land of the Queen and Austerity Programs

Last night, I offered up a few words to roughly 100 folks who joined us for the one-year anniversary party of Spend Matters UK/Europe. For my rant this Friday, I thought the broader Spend Matters audience would appreciate hearing a few of my words and items I touched upon in the talk, including our plans to keep building our little venture across the pond. Without further ado, here were the highlights:

We're so thankful you could join us tonight to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the launch of Spend Matters' UK venture. It's hard to believe that it's only been a year since Peter and I formally launched Spend Matters UK/Europe and, of course, After all, look at the skills I've picked up that I wouldn't have otherwise: Oxford-style debate comes in handy on almost a daily basis and my appreciation for warm, bitter beer continues to grow.

As an extension of the Spend Matters family of sites, SM UK/Europe has truly taken on the personality of its editor (take that as you will), with the insight of a true analyst and talented procurement professional mixed with the dry wit we Americans think must be pumped through the air in the UK. In all seriousness, working with Peter has been an absolute blast on all fronts, and we're thrilled at where this venture has taken us to date.

So where to next? We think the Germans, for one, are in need of the same civilizing and pragmatic insight that we currently share on both sides of the Atlantic with our US and UK sites. So look for a local language and local flavor site headed to the one country keeping that thing called the EU together (at least at the time of this printing). Peter and I also like to eat and drink beyond bratwurst, of course, so France is also high on our list of our next countries to invade. Our hope of civilizing French procurement remains low, but we're willing to invest a few pounds -- both types -- in attempting to achieve the impossible.

I'll leave you today with a personal thanks to everyone -- sponsors, readers, friends, detractors (and instigators) -- who have made Spend Matters UK/Europe not only a reality, but a great success in its first twelve months. Thank you!

- Jason Busch

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