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Sustainable Sourcing: Time for Apple to give up some of its secrets? -- Chinese suppliers have posed something of a PR dilemma for Apple for some time now. On the one hand the business has found great value not only in its legendary secret supply chain tactics and close engagement with low-cost country sourcing. On the other, stories of the environmental transgressions among alleged Apple suppliers are harder to keep quiet. The tension between secrecy and transparency is plain in the dialogue between Chinese pressure groups, notably the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, led by director Ma Jun (more on whom later), and Apple executives keen to avoid a scene.

Black Friday looms...
Most Holiday Spending Advice Misses Three Crucial Points -- As Black Friday approaches and we start the holiday shopping season, all the "how not to go broke during the holidays" advice comes out. This advice obviously doesn't work or 12 million Americans wouldn't still be paying off LAST year's holiday splurges. The reason this advice doesn't work for many people is because there is a disconnect between the planning and the execution of holiday spending. Sitting in the comfort of your easy chair at home with your pencil and a yellow pad is a much different environment than being in a department store filled with crazed Black Friday shoppers. There is not only the "mob mentality" factor to deal with but the deliberate store marketing as well as the emotional factor associated with gift giving all working against unknowing shoppers.

Comtel Air cancels Amritsar to Birmingham flights -- An airline accused of asking passengers to pay extra for fuel to fly home has cancelled UK flights at the weekend. A Comtel Air flight from Amritsar to Birmingham was grounded in Vienna on Tuesday by its Spanish carrier Mint Lineas Aereas due to financial issues. Passengers said they were "held to ransom" and asked to pay a total of £23,000 to continue their journey.

Radioactive rice.
Rice containing radioactive caesium found in Japan -- Radioactive caesium has been detected above the safety level in rice for the first time in Japan since the nuclear crisis began at the Fukushima plant. The sample came from a Fukushima city farm about 60km from the plant. The government is considering banning shipments from the area it was found.

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