Friday Rant: Where have all the EDI Coordinators gone?

Spend Matters would like to welcome a guest rant (satire?) from new regular contributor Rob Guerriere, EVP at DataTrans Solutions.

It appears to have been a cult mass suicide. Fed up with bad industry practices and even worse leadership, the EDICT Cult followed the Asteroid 2005 YU55's as a harbinger to a better sterling shining place. All members appeared to have committed mass suicide at the 40th birthday party of the GS1 barcode in Columbus, OH.

The suicide may have been accomplished during a rigged Chutes and Ladders board game. Chutes and Ladders (you may recall) is a preschooler's game, which involves spinning a wheel and advancing on the board. If you avoid the chute spaces and gain ladders than you arrive at the destination square to win the game. This particular EDICT Cult Asteroid 2005 YU55's board contained many more chute spaces than ladders.

The chute spaces included messages such as : "AS2 certificate expired", "JC Penny sending delimiters as data", "GXS VAN outage", "Royal Caribbean is using the same control numbers", "Standards? :)" and "Let us introduce you to our new EDI testing partner -- SPS Commerce."

For each chute a player had to consume multiple shots of vodka, which were brought in from Russia along with the associated ASN, which was a mismatch to the PO. It appears to have been...(Canadian supply chain experts please sit down for this)...death by a leaky supply chain spilling Russian vodka.

Columbus, OH detectives have attempted to contact industry pioneers, Sterling Williams and Sam Wyly to try to decipher the coded messages. Unfortunately, attorneys for the two have replied that their expert opinion on the matter will cost $10M in order for them to leave the Isle of Man. Luckily detectives found philosopher Lew Jenkins up in the hills of Northern California. But after a lengthy conversation debating whether EDI would be able reach the pinnacle of hands-free perfect order processing in a real time Internet environment, a conversation that involved some good Papapietro and Perry Pinot Noir, investigators are wondering if they will ever know what drove these coordinators to another world. And furthermore, will that new world still charge by the kilo-character?

We are left with just a few prophesizing statements from Rob G, the EDICT Cult Leader, "there will come a day in the not too distant future where a small group of fighters will rise out of the ashes of bad industry practices and backwards thinking. They will first level the battlefield with Free EDI and unlimited VAN services only to allow a new generation to blossom and evolve to hands free electronic connections. A new approach so pervasive it will render the old school EDI providers as useful as a trap door on a canoe."

Hi, Spend Matters readers. If you are reading this and wondering what exactly is going on, then forward to someone in your organization that speaks EDI and make a friend. I'll be covering all things EDI on the number one supply chain blog as a guest contributor. We'll be examining industry white elephants, poking fun at the industry leaders and looking to the latest technology that might leapfrog B2B data interchange to the next level. Please contribute yourself in the comments section. I enjoy the feedback and have been engaging many EDI speaking professionals for over 15 years now.

Well alive with much more to come...

- Rob Guerriere, EVP, DataTrans Solutions

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