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Deep frying risk management with the Department of Homeland Security (presented without further comment).

China's next?
China may be location of next big supply chain disaster, says AM Best -- A webinar by ratings service firm AM Best is questioning whether China is the next supply chain disaster in the making, given the high level of supply chain exposure in the East Asian country. "Should a calamity the magnitude of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan or the flooding affecting Thailand occur on the East Coast of China, 60% of that country's economy is at risk, exposed as those production centres are to windstorm, earthquake and flood damage," AM Best said.

Despite Threat of Cuts, Pentagon Officials Made No Contingency Plans -- Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta has painted such an apocalyptic vision of America's national security under $500 billion in automatic defense budget cuts that Pentagon officials said Tuesday they were pushing back at Congress -- and not even planning for the spending reductions, which are to take effect in January 2013. But independent military budget analysts described the cuts, which would bring the Pentagon base budget back to 2007 levels, as agonizing but manageable.

Apple hiring for the cloud!
At Apple, Cloud Experts Wanted -- Apple Inc. has been taking small but important steps toward a shift in the way its customers access their digital content beyond the downloadable software that has been vital to the company's success.

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