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Tsunami street view.
Experience the tsunami-affected areas of Japan through Street View -- A virtual tour via Street View profoundly illustrates how much these natural disasters have transformed these communities. If you start inland and venture out toward the coast, you'll see the idyllic countryside change dramatically, becoming cluttered with mountains of rubble and debris as you get closer to the ocean. In the cities, buildings that once stood proud are now empty spaces.

Huge cost savings...on models.
H&M Uses Computer Generated Bodies With Real Model Heads -- "The only distinction between the models' bodies is the pigment of their skin which has been adjusted to fit their faces, says H&M's Håcan Andersson. "For our Shop Online we are using a combination of real life models pictures, still life pictures and virtual mannequin pictures. For all other marketing and campaigns – outdoor, TV, print and other media, H&M will continue to use real life models."

More on Norway's Great Butter Crisis.
The Great Norwegian Butter Famine -- You'll have seen the news about the Great Norwegian Butter Famine going on. But you might not have quite understood the entire lunacy of what is actually happening. Firstly, yes, it is really true that in a modern, advanced, nation, one that regularly appears at the top of various studies about the best places to live, has an actual physical shortage of a basic foodstuff. They're gargantually rich with oil, have some of the highest incomes in the world, regularly top the charts as being one of the most right on, socially democratic, lots of good government places and yet they cannot actually manage to keep butter on the supermarket shelves.

Important (naturally selected) risk management.
Hairy limbs keep bed bugs at bay -- Hairier skin may be the key to avoiding being bitten by bed bugs, claim Sheffield academics. Hungry bugs placed on shaved arms were more likely to try to feed compared with those on unshaved arms, the journal Biology Letters reported. Researchers say the hair slows down the bed bugs and warns the victim.

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