Procurement Song of the Day: “Visibility of our Spend”

Being mutually keen on music (though I haven't sold him on Canadian rapper Drake yet), Spend Matters UK's Peter Smith and I are always trading emails about the latest this-and-that around new artists, albums, etc. But Peter one-upped me earlier this week when he introduced an entirely new genre that will undoubtedly shake the United States much as the British Invasion of the 1960's did. Move over, John and Paul. See his email, below.

"We're always interested to find hidden talent in the procurement world, so we were pleased to come across Ed Baxter, an Implementation Consultant with UK-based P2P and catalogue management specialist Science Warehouse. Ed is also a talented musician, and he's put his skills to work in the service of eProcurement, as you can hear. And we've obtained the full lyrics, so you can all sing along at your heart out Lady Gaga!"

Without further ado, for your listening pleasure, (and check out their blog on the piece) Science Warehouse presents: "Visibility of our Spend."

We are a purchasing organization
In need of a procurement solution
All this wasted money is driving us round the bend

We would be getting much more fulfilment
If we stopped using paper and tried e-procurement
For on-demand reporting, and visibility of our spend

It takes us hours to buy stationary you have to help us
To find out what we spend we use an abacus

Orders get delayed there is such a backlog
And we've heard all about your e-catalogue
That's flexible and tailored to our individual needs

We know you know all of our key suppliers
And can cater for any of our bespoke requirements
And integration with our back-office system is a formality

And then we'll order via your marketplace in three easy steps
It's Active Spend Management at our desks

We are a purchasing organisation
And we've implemented a Science Warehouse solution
We're now fully part of the growing cloud computing trend

Now we are getting much more fulfillment
We've embraced the benefits of e-procurement
We've got on-demand reporting & visibility of our spend

Happy Tuesday, everyone.

Sheena Moore

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