Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

This is the last Afternoon Coffee of 2011. Off to catch my flight to Seattle to gorge myself on "real" salmon and spend some much-needed time with my family -- happy holidays to all!

I had no idea "icewine" existed, but if you're into it, beware of knockoffs.
Cheap 'knock-offs' threaten Canada's Icewine and cider -- "Icewine is a specialty of cold countries such as Germany, Austria, Canada, and it is very famous because of its quality, which is reflected in its price," says Mr de Coussergues, currently president of the Quebec Vintners Association. "The danger now is that other wine regions start using the name 'icewine' for a product made the artificial way."

17 years of running...
The Sustainability Supply Chain Marathon -- Let's use Nike's environmental goal for inbound logistics and transportation as an example. Their target: 30% absolute reduction from a 2003 baseline by 2020. Pretty aggressive especially with a growing business. A 17-year supply chain marathon has started.

Bird flu is back?
Hong Kong Culls Thousands of Birds After Virus Found in Chicken -- Health workers here began slaughtering more than 17,000 chickens on Wednesday after a carcass infected with bird flu was found at a poultry market, government officials said. The culling is part of a series of precautionary steps being taken after the chicken carcass was found to have a "highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza virus," York Chow, Hong Kong's secretary for food and health, said in a statement. Hong Kong officials also raised the territory's bird flu alert to "serious," increasing monitoring for influenza at hospitals and closed the market where the carcass was discovered until Jan. 12.

Back to school?
Loyola University to Offer MS in Supply Chain Management -- Beginning in fall 2012, Loyola University Chicago's Graduate School of Business will offer a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (MSSCM) for individuals looking to succeed in one of the world's most in-demand job markets.

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