Friday Rant: A Shameless Plug to Engage Spend Matters Sooner than Later in 2012

The last two weeks of December comprise a welcome respite here and there, and a great time to vacation. For me though, it's a time when I feel like a race horse in the paddock anxiously awaiting the New Year Bell and the announcer saying "They're Off"!

Spend Matters perpetual organizational and traffic growth remains unprecedented in the procurement sector and we will most definitely continue to accelerate along that trajectory in the coming year. But some things are slow to change -- this is the "rant" part of today's post. I'm referring to the dreaded process of budgeting. If spend matters -- and of course it does -- then "budgeting" is the ying to our "spend" yang. Yet alongside the steady advance of increasingly sophisticated solutions in our sector, the matter of budgeting for marketing spend remains somewhat mysterious.

If I were compensated just $50 for every time I've heard "hmmm, I'd really like to do this but I just don't have the budget right now", today's post would be my retirement swan song. We're partially culpable here. We respond dynamically to market developments and innovations and pursue a huge cache of research and analysis that's in process every day of the year. And while our themes are planned, precise content and perceived targeted relevance to particular solutions can't possibly be fully nailed down 12 months out -- and wouldn't be sought after by practitioners if it were.

So "get to the point Bill". We have an ambitious 2012 publishing schedule for our broader research programs (shared sponsorship) as well as a number of customized research packages (Spend Matters Perspectives) in the wings. The vast majority of our committed engagements for the coming year involve a variety of customized strategic packages that also include podcasts, webinars, client case studies, video series and our staple source of funding and opportunity, Lead and Associate Sponsorship.

If you're a solution vendor in the procurement space, it's prime time to discuss how Spend Matters can help to enable your marketing objectives over the next 12 months and beyond. Please contact me at or call 215-508-7414. We love to bundle unique and longer-term discounted packages and still have a cache of raw material under our holiday tree.

- William Busch

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