Merry X-Mas From the Spend Matters Team

The Spend Matters office is closed today, in observation of the Christmas holiday. Regardless of your religion, we would like to wish each and every of our readers a peaceful celebration. And as our Nordic correspondent Thomas Kase pointed out to us, a Christmas tree is more of a seasonal tree. The tradition of chopping down a piece of nature and bringing it inside was a long cultural tradition before it became tied to a specific holiday. So even if you're Jewish, Muslim, atheist or some other kind of heretic -- before you get angry, we certainly fit more than one of these descriptions -- why not consider the trade off between reducing the amount of Co2 consumed by trees in the world in exchange for the festive cheer of killing a tree and bringing it into your abode?

Content-wise, we're not done for the day here, either. While some of us are already plotting the post-Christmas sale shopping we plan to do on Michigan Avenue in Chicago starting tomorrow, others are hard at work today on pressing analysis. This includes a forthcoming post authored in the commercial, gift-giving spirit of holiday multiculturalism. So be sure to check back in a few hours once we've finished opening our stockings and the second pint of eggnog is poured for a post exploring some of the unique logistical gift-delivery challenges faced by Santa's Jewish counterpart ...

- Jason Busch

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