Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

2012 resolution: Brew coffee at home and ditch daily coffee shop habit.
What Your Starbucks Habit Really Costs You -- Starbucks is following the lead of other food companies, including McDonald's and Chipotle, which have hiked prices in the past year to cope with rising commodity costs. The company said the average price of a "tall" -- the smallest drink -- brewed beverage will rise by 10 cents in New York. This morning the price hike was already in effect, as caffeine cravers shelled out $2.01 for a cup of coffee, up from $1.91. The coffee house allows for some regional pricing, so the actual cost of your morning habit could vary. But that could easily bump the price of a large -- "venti" -- latte over $4 a cup, not including tip.

Some navel gazing for Boeing.
Boeing Examines Supply Chain for Weak Links -- At Vaupell Holdings Inc., one of about 1,000 suppliers subject to exhaustive reviews of its production materials, schedules, finances and even tools, Boeing's test regimen prompted the 60-year vendor this year to make such changes as replacing shop-floor management software.

Speaking of coffee and breakfast...
Dunkin' Brands says new distribution agreement will help accelerate US expansion -- Dunkin' Brands Inc., the parent company of the Dunkin' Donuts and the Baskin-Robbins chains, said it has signed an agreement that makes National DCP LLC the exclusive supply chain provider for all Dunkin' Donuts restaurants in the continental United States. According to a press release from Canton-based Dunkin' Brands, the agreement will enable it to accelerate its ambitious US expansion plans.

That's a LOT of couch time.
Netflix Video Streaming Totaled Two Billion Hours -- Netflix Inc. said its members watched more than 2 billion hours of TV shows and movies through its streaming service during the fourth quarter, as the company continues to increase its focus on building its streaming-content offerings. The company didn't provide a comparison to streaming in earlier quarters, but a spokesman said, "2 billion hours is a high mark."

- Sheena Moore

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