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DoD cut cut cut.
Obama at Pentagon to Outline Cuts and Strategic Shifts -- Mr. Obama's strategy embraces hundreds of billions of dollars in cuts to the military, making it an awkward codicil to the uneasy relationship he has shared with the military since his first days in office. In a letter accompanying the new strategy, the president wrote, "We must put our fiscal house in order here at home and renew our long-term economic strength."

"Imported" from Italy.
In China, Reports Of Fake Furniture May Also Be Fake -- During a teary-eyed press conference at the time, Phua had asked the public to have faith in her claims that their products were indeed made in Italy, while pleading to be given another chance. Founded in Singapore by Phua, Da Vinci's line of products includes names like Armani Casa, Fendi Casa, Versace Home and many others. Unfortunately for Phua, the authorities from the Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau reported afterward that some of retailer's products had been made in China and then shipped to the Waigaoqiao Bonded Zone before being moved back into Da Vinci's warehouse. By spending a day in the bonded zone, the furniture had changed from being classed as domestically produced to "imported."

Norweigian butter shortage: PREDICTED!!
Norwegian butter crisis predicted a year in advance in "funny" ad from butter monopolist

One expensive fish.
Japan tuna sale smashes record -- A bluefin tuna has been sold for three quarters of a million dollars in Tokyo - a price almost double last year's record sale. The bluefin tuna, prized for making the finest sushi, fetched 56.49m yen ($736,000, £472,125) at Tsukiji fish market's first auction of the year. The winning bidder was Kiyoshi Kimura, owner of a sushi restaurant chain.

- Sheena Moore

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  1. Peter Smith:

    Thomas, Don’t you know that it is compulsory in the UK media to look for the bad / depressing side in any story? So if life expectancy rises, it will be reported as "more of us to die alone"! If mortgage rates fall, it will be "fear of new house price bubble" – if they rise "thousands face ruin as loan rates soar". It’s just the way we are, for some reason…

  2. Thomas Kase:

    Note also how the BBC ‘reporter’ felt it necessary to editorialize in the piece – there are TWO prominent admonitions around "global concerns" in the piece. Can’t just report on the auction. It seems similar to the Puritans’ issues with bear baiting; the pain inflicted on the animal was not a concern, just the pleasure it gave spectators, that had to be eliminated.
    Not that I in any way condone overfishing of any kind of sea creature…

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