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An interesting listen.
'This American Life' Revives Debate over Apple Manufacturer Foxconn's Labor Practices -- In the beginning of the latest episode of This American Life, Ira Glass asks Siri on his iPhone 4S "Where were you manufactured?" Its reply is telling: "I'm not allowed to say." Not "I don't know," but "I'm not allowed to say," as if Siri were a nervous government employee in a North Korean embassy. Thus Chicago Public Radio's twee radio institution revives a simmering debate in predictably twee fashion: through the eyes of a one-man show.

No breaks for Sears.
Sears dives after CIT halts supplier loans -- Sears Holdings shares fell 5 percent on Thursday on news that CIT Group Inc will no longer provide loans to Sears suppliers to finance their shipments to the struggling chain. The news comes just weeks after the operator of Sears department stores and the Kmart discount chain posted dismal holiday sales numbers, and decided to close as many as 120 stores.

And yet, how much do they spend on advertising...
Nike agrees $1m overtime payment for Indonesian workers -- Its Indonesian subsidiary will pay $1m (£650,000) to about 4,500 workers at a PT Nikomas plant in Serang, Banten. The workers union that brought the case to Nike said in a statement that 593,468 hours of overtime went unpaid over the last two years.

This utterly baffles me.
How Crocs Moved from Fashion Trend to $1 Billion Phenom -- Now that the company's trending up, Crocs would do well to (ahem) toe the line as a lean, green operation. Sasha Baron Cohen sporting grey Crocs (with socks – shudder) in his latest film "The Dictator," can only do so much. While styles may drift from the zealously coveted to the viciously rejected, Crocs' tightened manufacturing base, consolidated distribution and warehousing, and lean staffing could continue to propel the footwear from a casual fashion trend to a phenom with staying power.

- Sheena Moore

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