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Everyone does, right?
Do You Need a Sourcing Strategy? -- A common theme arose out of a series of meetings I've had recently with senior management at a number of large law firms: should firms develop a central strategy or policy about legal process outsourcing (LPO) or should they just "let a thousand flowers bloom"? The question itself implies a trade-off between the analysis and consistency that can be put behind a firm-wide policy and the value of discovery (and perhaps buy-in) that can be gained through more grassroots experimentation. The short answer is that either approach can work, with some caveats.

Coupa announces annual results.
Coupa Posts Another Record Year as Revenues and Customer Adoption Soar -- Coupa Software, the leading provider of innovative cloud spend optimization software that enables customers to reduce expenses and maximize profitability, today announced record-breaking sales, customer acquisitions and usage for fiscal year 2011. 2011 was another banner year for Coupa, with tremendous growth across the board in revenue, customers, spend under management and global expansion. 2011 revenues increased by more than 120 percent while users of the software also rose 100 percent.

See ya later, fees.
Bye, Bye EDI Testing Fees -- The value and justification of EDI testing fees are weak at best and disproportional to the costs. Over the last decade suppliers, EDI experts, and providers have ranted their experiences online but generally have complied since the service was put forward by a big retail account. But that Mickey Mouse bad business practice is finally coming to an end. There is a new sheriff in town. He has heard the cries of tens of thousands of suppliers. The convergence of new technology in community management and a talented group of EDI developers have put forward a no cost service called Infoborders CE, which industry leader predict will end EDI testing fees in 2012.

Bad implants...
Frenchwomen Worry About Suspect Breast Implants -- Some of the women who received substandard breast implants made by the now defunct company Poly Implants Prothèses no longer sleep facedown. Others have stopped playing with their children, for fear of taking a punch to the chest. Ms. Rodriguez is one of the 30,000 Frenchwomen who were given the implants, which were filled with an industrial-grade silicone and are more likely to rupture or ooze than those made from surgical silicone. About 300,000 women across 65 countries received the implants.

- Sheena Moore

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