Spend Matters Friday Latte

Careful. I got a bit philosophical this week.
The Cost of Getting in Shape: Coaching, Being Coached, and Being Coachable -- I know I was supposed to talk about food/nutrition this week but I fell into an internet hole the other day and really got to thinking about the notion of coaching after reading this New York Times article. After all, there are coaches, there are people who love being coached, and there are the individuals who coach themselves. And this doesn't just relate to athletic endeavors: it's an everywhere-in-your-life thing. So this week I'm leaving the yoga and the strength training and the running (ugh, I can't quit -- signed up for the Shamrock Shuffle -- training starts next week) and the monetary cost of my new fitness endeavor behind, and I'm going to challenge everyone out there to recognize where they coach, where they're coached, where they coach themselves -- and then to maybe change it up a little.

Slow recovery.
Floodwaters Are Gone, but Supply Chain Issues Linger -- Before Thailand's great flood of 2011, companies like Panasonic, JVC and Hitachi produced electronics and computer components that were exported around the world. Now of the 227 factories operating in the zone, only 15 percent have restarted production, according to Nipit Arunvongse Na Ayudhya, the managing director of the company that manages the Nava Nakorn industrial zone, one of the largest in Thailand and located just north of Bangkok.

The people have spoken (and woah, congress listened).
Where Do Your Members of Congress Stand on SOPA and PIPA? -- Well-funded interests on either side of SOPA and PIPA are lining up support among members of Congress. This database keeps track of where members of Congress stand. Findings are based on two factors: whether a member is a sponsor of the proposed bills, and each member's voting record on the current bills' precursors and alternatives. Click the links on the left to filter the supporters list.

AT&T makes dumb pricing decisions.
AT&T Data Pricing Risks Defections -- Customers who sign up for new data-service plans starting on Sunday will pay as much as 33% more a month, part of a strategy by the company to manage 40% annual growth in wireless data and to capitalize on demand for data-hungry devices like the Apple Inc. iPhone.

- Sheena Moore

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