Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

A metaphor for how certain Chinese suppliers engage customers?
Chinese soldiers reportedly play 'hot potato' with live explosive

A purr-fect flight delay...
Air Canada flight delayed after escaped cat runs into cockpit -- A cat called Ripples caused an Air Canada flight to be delayed for several hours Wednesday after escaping from its carrier and running into the cockpit at the Halifax airport, in southeastern Canada. The flight was due to fly from Halifax to Toronto shortly after 5:30am local time but was forced to remain grounded after Ripples got loose, public broadcaster the CBC reported.

Executive orders.
Obama Orders Strategy for Protecting Nation's Supply Chain -- President Barack Obama is directing the Departments of State and Homeland Security to develop a plan to protect the $14.6 trillion U.S. economy from interruptions in the international supply chain.
The White House released today a National Strategy for Global Supply Chain Security that gives officials from those departments six months to make recommendations on how to spot risks and make commercial infrastructure more resilient.

My fellow ROW coach looks at nonprofit spend as she prepares to row the entire perimeter of Lake Michigan.
Spending Money to Make Money: The Risk, The Cause, The Race -- Everyone knows that it takes money to make money, but I don't know that people always associate that with non-profits. My advice? Run your non-profit like a for-profit. Understand that sometimes extreme efforts and big risks are necessary to make a big impact. Sometimes you have to buy a big-ass boat and make yourself vulnerable to all the people who are going to tell you that the word "impossible" exists. Yes, there are going to be hiccups. Yes, there are going to be setbacks. Yes, people are donating and you should be smart about it. If you build an organization and surround it with people who genuinely care about a cause you'll come up with solutions that fit. Know that you have to give to get, and stay enthusiastic when times get rough or people tell you "no". The road to $40,000 has not been full of thousands of people telling me "yes", but I stay enthusiastic and positive because I believe in this cause and this effort.

- Sheena Moore

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