The Cost of Getting in Shape: Fueling the Fire

I'm three weeks in to my fitness endeavor already!?

Here's a quick update: I signed up for Chicago's 8K Shamrock Shuffle (anyone else running it?) and am following Hal Higdon's 8K training program in addition to yoga 4-5 times per week. I had an honest discussion with myself and decided that as of now, Crossfit isn't something I want to pursue. I discovered Nike Training Club, an app akin to torture through medicine ball maneuvering (in such a good way). As far as total cost analysis, I'm finding that $120/month and 6-7 extra hours/week of workouts is well worth the time and money: my clothes fit better, I'm sleeping like the dead, and I have a noticeable boost in energy. Thing is, I haven't lost any weight. Not an ounce.

Why? I've been putting anything and everything I want to eat and drink into my mouth. Giant bowls of cheesy pasta. Giant bottles of delicious red wine. My true weakness in this world: ICE CREAM. For now, I'm ok with this: after all, one habit to form at a time, right? But as of February 1, something's gotta change with my eating habits or I'll never see the results I want. Question: how extreme do I want to go, and what will I spend getting there?

I've never been one for no-carb diets. They make me mean and dizzy, plus they inevitably lead to an all-out guilt-ridden carb binge followed by eating an entire bag of spinach to "cancel out" the "mistake." Dukan may work for Kate Middleton, but no thank you for me. I also can't stand programs like Weight Watchers, mostly because of: a) the constant calorie (point) counting; b) the push toward "low-fat," ridiculously processed food; c) they actually have Weight Watchers brand ridiculously processed food, which disgusts me. Coming from an extremely French family, I like scraping dirt off vegetables, putting effort into a real meal, and indulging in Camembert from time to time. So beyond consuming "100-calorie packs" of crap or 8 chicken breasts and bacon for three meals a day, where do I go? Caveat: I also don't eat meat, which throws a giant wrench into the whole "consume your weight in animal protein" thing (I do eat fish).

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- Sheena Moore

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  1. Unsurprising:

    The most comments this site ever got was from Jason’s rant about Exchange Server and Vista and whatever, I can’t remember exactly any more.

  2. Jason Busch:

    What I find so enlightening about the commentary here is not just the content, but the quantity and deviation from the norm when it comes to number of comments, based on the individual traffic each post typically gets. On a pageview basis, this post has gotten 15X times the number of comments it should have gotten based on average number of comments per post based on pageviews in the past five or so years (i.e., just looking at the traffic numbers, it should have gotten <1 comment).

    I’m licking my canine chops here at what this opportunity to turn Spend Matters into a new site could bring …

    Meat Matters?
    Vegan Wars?

  3. Helpful:

    @Philip: Hilarious.

    @Thomas: Simple: You eat more when you exercise more. Unless you have superhuman self control, which almost none of us do, you can’t "burn more calories" and not eat more, and that’s why exercise doesn’t work. For men, there is a cosmetic benefit to adding muscle (shrinking fat because muscle is fed first), but that doesn’t reduce total weight.

  4. Thomas Kase:

    @Philip: Great observation! I was wondering what was causing this flurry of commentary. 🙂

    I have to fundamentally disagree with the idea that exercise doesn’t lead to weight loss – it’s a simple thermodynamic equation – even if the body is annoyingly adept at learning to adjust.

  5. Philip White:

    Ariba could eliminate all fees on the ASN and turn Buyer into a free open source solution, and you still wouldn’t get this many comments.

  6. Even more helpful:

    Here is an excellent compendium of research on human diet, uncomplicated by advocacy. It’s a long article, so I’ve linked into the summary.

  7. heath black:

    Why don’t you both go read the article on Gawker. Also, while you’re at it go read the article in the Washington Post, followed promptly by reading another article located somewhere in the NYPost. When you’re done there, you guys can all read the article located in the LATimes, quickly followed by the Chicago Tribune…

    My Point? Learn to actually cite something.

  8. daniel:

    this jason kid is crazy. meat eaters run the show. go hug a tree, jason.

  9. Jason:

    What a delightfully inane, ill-informed, simplistic, and condescending comment.
    Re:2. Our ancestors also sacrificed the most supercilious members of the pack to lions. Read the National Geographic article on it. Deal with it.

  10. Helpful:

    1. Exercise will not make you thin. Period. It doesn’t work. Read the NY Times articles on this.
    2. Don’t be silly; go eat some meat. Your ancestors would have died had they not eaten meat. Your teeth are not set up for a veggie diet. You have canines. You are a carnivore. Deal with it.

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