Spend Matters Friday Latte

They may have lost Dear Leader, but North Koreans still have a-ha.

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Getting your vitamins.
The Cost of Getting in Shape: Am I Getting Enough Protein/Iron/Zinc/Vitamin E??? -- WELL. I had NO IDEA that my personal eating habits would raise such ire from the masses in last week's comment section. To speak to one specifically: "exercise not making you thin" brings up a good point relating to this entire series: I don't want to be "thin." Believe me, I've been thin. As a teenager I shot from 5'4 to 5'10 in two years and all the calories in the world couldn't keep up with me. Had I started smoking and kept my diet limited to diuretic teas and eating six almonds a day, perhaps today I could be trotting the runways at Fashion Week instead of writing thi...well...that's another story. One where I wouldn't have been able to pull 1:41 split times (times I haven't seen since college) last night in our 2K team relay!

American-made prep! (A sourcing story that's up my alley!)
Polo Puzzle: What Goes Into a $155 Price Tag? -- Ultimately, the cost of materials and labor for each shirt added up to $29.57. This brought into sharp focus the cynicism of the New York factory owner who had predicted they would take his work to China. Factories in China, they found, would produce similar shirts--without the MacLanes' choice of materials--for as little as $1 or $2. Using standard industry markups, the MacLanes set the wholesale price for the women's polo at $65 and the retail price at $155. (Retailers in the U.S. mark up wholesale prices of ready-to-wear by roughly 2.2 to 2.5 times.)

Poor Lincoln.
Deepening Cuts Raise Threat of the Land of Less Lincoln -- State preservation officials warn that expected deep reductions, coming after decreases of 15 percent and 16 percent in the past two years, threaten the closing of some locations and reducing of staff and hours at others. David Blanchette, the spokesman for the state Historic Preservation Agency, said there were no guarantees that even the most prominent Lincoln attractions would be spared, including the acclaimed Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield. "Like every state agency, we're staring down the barrel of a loaded gun, and wondering what will happen when the trigger is pulled," he said.

Risk: 50 years ago.
Construction Workers Discover Cold War-Era Fallout Shelter -- Construction workers in the Loop broke down a wall and discovered a fallout shelter from 1962. The relic adjacent to Lower Wacker Drive contained barrels of water, medicine and all the necessities to survive nuclear warfare.

- Sheena Moore

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