Briefing and Cubs Baseball — Available Dates

This summer, Spend Matters is inviting vendors/solution providers to Chicago to brief our team and demonstrate their products, followed by a ball game at Wrigley. Further information on this invitation and program can be found here. Below you will find a list of available dates and games. Please send an email to Sheena Moore (Spend Matters Editor) at smoore (at) spendmatters (dot) com to reserve your spot with us this summer.

When you send Sheena a note, please provide:

  1. First choice (date)
  2. Second choice (date)
  3. Third choice (date)
  4. Number of folks attending (2 is ideal)
  5. Whether or not you will need hotel accommodations (we will send a list of recommended hotels to you)

Here are the open games:

  • April 11th – 1:20 (Milwaukee)
  • April 12th – 1:20 (Milwaukee)
  • April 20th – 1:20 (Cincinnati)
  • April 23rd – 7:05 (St. Louis)
  • April 25th – 1:20 (St. Louis)
  • May 4th – 1:20 PM (LA)
  • May 9th – 1:20 PM (Atlanta)
  • May 16th – 7:05 PM (Phillies)
  • May 17th – 7:05 PM (Phillies)
  • May 30th – 1:20 PM (San Diego)
  • June 12th – 7:05 PM (Detroit)
  • June 14th – 1:20 PM (Detroit)
  • June 15th – 1:20 PM (Boston)
  • June 25th – 7:05 PM (NYC Mets)
  • June 27th – 1:20 PM (NYC Mets)
  • June 29th – 1:20 PM (Houston)
  • July 13th – 1:20 PM (Arizona)

For all games before mid-June, we recommend bringing a warm jacket or winter sweater. Wrigley can be cold early in the season! We also recommend dressing in layers for the game and bringing a cap (early afternoon sun). And don't worry about any dress code when visiting our office or about storing your bags either -- we can keep them for you locked up during the game. Most important, drum role please...don't even think about wearing Brewers, Cardinals or Reds colors or attire! That's one sure way to earn the wrath of the Spend Matters team in our coverage (though Sheena says you can wear Mariners gear since they don't play the Cubs). Such a sartorial decision would be even worse than strong-arming suppliers by raising network fees that are out of their control...

- Jason Busch

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