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Reminder: Hubwoo webinar this Thursday.
Leveraging a Supplier Network for Procurement Excellence with Spend Matters and CONSOL Energy -- Join Hubwoo for this informative webinar featuring leading industry researcher and blogger, Jason Busch of Spend Matters, and Jeanna Cooper, Manager E-Services, Materials and SCM, CONSOL Energy. Hear insights from Jason Busch on how organizations today use third-party supplier networks to optimize their ERP procurement technology. Learn how CONSOL Energy drove $44M in cost savings leveraging an ERP-integrated supplier network to bring two company consolidations under its fold quickly and seamlessly while reallocating headcount.

How much is your day-to-day internet browsing worth?
Start-Ups Seek to Help Users Put a Price on Their Personal Data -- People have been willing to give away their data while the companies make money. But there is some momentum for the idea that personal data could function as a kind of online currency, to be cashed in directly or exchanged for other items of value. A number of start-ups allow people to take control -- and perhaps profit from -- the digital trails that they leave on the Internet. "That marketplace does not exist right now, because consumers are not in on the game," said Shane Green, who founded a company called Personal in 2009.

Lesson learned?
Can Manufacturing Jobs Can Come Back? What Should We Learn From Apple and Foxconn -- Apple aficionados suffered a blow a couple of weeks ago. All of those beautiful products, it turns out, are the product of an industrial complex that is nothing if not one step removed from slave labor. But of course there is nothing new here. Walmart has long prospered as a company that found ways to drive down the cost of stuff that Americans want. And China has long been the place where companies to go to drive down cost.

Copper hoarders.
China Is Hoarding Copper. Why? -- In January, China imported 413,964 tons of copper, up 13.6% from the same month in 2011. The increase is even more impressive when you correct for the Lunar New Year. Due to the holiday, there were four fewer working days in China last month as compared to January 2011. Copper imports, in any event, exceeded consensus estimates. December was also good for copper bulls. That month, China imported a record high 508,942 tons, an astounding 47.7% increase from the previous year. China is hoarding copper. The country in Q4 added about 300,000 tons to its already impressive stockpile.

- Sheena Moore

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