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Danny Ertel's fee negotiations: parts 3 and 4.
Fee negotiations part 3: the misconception about relationships and fees -- Two weeks ago I started this series on law firm–client fee negotiations and why so many find them so challenging. In the next post, I addressed the first major gap in how those discussions are handled, which is that the parties don't approach them as a serious negotiation nor prepare well for them.
Fee negotiations part 4: Getting creative with alternative fee arrangements -- Like it or not, I'm going to continue to beat this drum: Law firm partners and their clients need to do as good a job negotiating their own fee arrangements as they do negotiating deals with third parties.

Prepare for garbage, west coast.
Massive Amount of Japanese Tsunami Trash Headed Our Way -- Nearly a year after a major earthquake and tsunami shook and doused Japan, some 25 million tons of debris that washed out to sea when the tsunami receded is headed toward the California coast. We're talking cars, boats, pieces of houses, you name it. Whatever didn't sink has been slowly making its way across the Pacific Ocean, and experts believe we'll start seeing large objects start washing up on beaches as soon as next month.

A local supply chain success story.
How one small firm seized control of its supply chain -- Mention supply-chain management to most people, and their eyes glaze over. But it's not the journey to Wonkville you'd expect. Supply-chain management is critical to the way most small businesses operate. Keep too much inventory on hand, and you could be driven out of business for tying up too much cash in products you fail to sell. Keep too little, and you could doom your business because you can't supply your own customers with product.

This little piggy had better living conditions?
McDonald's: Make more room for pigs -- If a chain likeMcDonald's, for example, were to start marketing more humanely raised pork, he said, "that would have an impact on me." Those sentiments are a big reason why the nation's largest fast-food chain on Monday gave its suppliers a few months to develop a plan to eliminate gestational crates -- small stalls that house pregnant sows. As the largest pork purchaser in the restaurant industry, McDonald's has some weight to throw around. By setting the process in motion, McDonald's could be providing the tipping point to change in the $97 billion pork industry.

Boeing signs a big deal.
Boeing, Lion Air sign largest commercial jet deal -- Chicago-based Boeing finalized what it calls an historic order, for 230 aircraft worth $22.4 billion, the aircraft-maker said Tuesday. Lion Air of Indonesia ordered 201 of the Boeing 737 MAXs and 29 Next-Generation 737-900ERs (extended range). The deal also includes purchase rights for an additional 150 airplanes.

- Sheena Moore

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