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Big news over on Healthcare Matters today.
GHX Acquires Key Technology to Enable PPI Supply Chain –Big Move Holds Promise for the Entire Industry -- After two years of research, including video taping how it's currently done in the OR and 800 interviews with manufacturers, administrators, physicians, nurses and supply chain professionals, GHX announced a bold and strategic move yesterday. As Derek Smith, the company's EVP of Marketing & Product Management said to me, "we will do for Physician Preference Items (PPI) what we did for medical surgical instruments." What's he's talking about is delivering an infrastructure-level PPI supply chain solution to the industry –a solution that will allow providers, GPOs and manufacturers to collectively automate their shared business processes.

Commodity woes hit the grocery store shelves.
Sticker Shock Hurts Profits at Smucker -- Smucker blamed the disappointing results on unexpectedly weak demand from consumers, who are facing higher prices in certain categories due to spikes in commodity costs. Smucker's average prices were up 16% from a year ago, led by a 30% increase on Jif and Smucker's peanut butter due to a shortage in last year's crop. Retail prices are also up significantly on coffee. Even though Smucker chopped about 30% off Folgers coffee during the holiday season, the $8.99 price was still $2 higher than it was a year ago and customers balked.

Special offer from Fullstep.
Enjoy our limited offer to MetalMiner members -- Defining the functional map of the processes and systems that will support your sourcing operations can be long and tedious. Due to lack of resources, references, and sometimes of a real grasp on the opportunities available in the market, companies let significant savings pass them by, while they are in the constant struggle to gain efficiency and maintain margins. We offer you the opportunity for a hands on "test drive" of one the industry's best-in-class sourcing systems, with the category of your choice, to obtain exceptional ROI.

6 Terrifying User Agreements You've Probably Accepted -- How many user agreements have you clicked through in your life without reading them? We're going to guess it's one for every single piece of software you've ever used, and every gadget, and Lord knows what else. You've probably signed off on thousands of pages of dense, unread legal jargon in your life. Well, guess what, you've all but signed away your soul.

- Sheena Moore

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