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Danny Ertel of Vantage Partners continues on with fee negotiation advice...
Fee negotiations part 5: the importance of legitimacy -- So we come to part 5 in my continuing rant about fee negotiations. If you've stayed with me so far, you've seen me complain about how badly many law firm partners and their clients handle what should be a relatively minor negotiation between them, compared to how well they handle the much larger negotiations with counterparts in transactions, disputes, or dealings with regulators. I followed this with a discussion of the need to keep relationship issues and pricing issues separate and deal with both, sandwiched between discussions of the importance of preparation and creativity in fee negotiations. Today I want to tackle the seeming arbitrariness of rates, and the value of using standards of legitimacy to help both client and counsel explain the deal to their respective stakeholders.

Cancer drug supply shortage = imports.
To Ease Shortage, F.D.A. Lets 2 Cancer Drugs Be Imported -- Dire shortages of two critical cancer drugs -- shortfalls that have threatened the lives and care of thousands of cancer patients -- should be resolved within weeks, federal drug officials said. The two drugs are doxorubicin and methotrexate, and in both cases supplies in the United States are being bolstered by shipments from abroad. Shortages of scores of other drugs continue.

Sustaining the flood-damaged hard drive industry.
HDD Capital Spending in 2012 and Beyond -- In order to repair the damage to the HDD supply chain from the 2011 Thailand floods as well as meet the increasing need for digital storage the hard disk drive industry must continue to make investments in capital equipment and production facilities. Future increases in HDD areal density as well as increasing unit sales will drive significant capital spending investments that will impact the revenues of companies such as Anelva, Hitachi High Technologies, Innovative Instruments, Intevac, KLA Tencor, Teradyne, Xyratex, Veeco, and many others in the next few years. The 2012 Hard Disk Drive Capital Equipment and Technology Report provides 207 pages of in-depth analysis of technology developments and capital equipment spending to sustain the growth and development of the hard disk drive industry.

We only send the best food chains abroad.
Jubilant FoodWorks On Track To Open 1st Dunkin' Donuts Outlet In India By June -- Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd. (533155.BY) is preparing to open the first store of U.S.-based chain Dunkin' Donuts in India by June as it bets on the growing preference among a younger and more affluent middle class to drink coffee and eat at fast-food chains. Dunkin' Donuts' entry into India through a franchise agreement between U.S. parent Dunkin' Brands Group Inc. (DNKN) and New Delhi-based Jubilant FoodWorks sets the stage for a face-off with traditional coffee rival Starbucks Corp. (SBUX), which will arrive in Asia's third-largest economy through a joint venture a month or two later.

- Sheena Moore

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