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We have knock-off Prada and Gucci...why not Apple too?
An iPhone That's Cheaper, and Fake -- A police officer stood on Ninth Avenue at 39th Street on a warm Monday afternoon and saw a man trying to sell a stranger a new, still-in-the-box iPhone 4 on the street, for the too-good-to-be-true price of $150. The man's name was Iaron Baskerville, 62, and court records indicate that when the officer approached to arrest him for operating without a vendor's license, Mr. Baskerville said something curious by way of defense.

IASTA's hosting a sourcing webinar.
The Journey to Retail Sourcing Excellence: How to Become Best in Class with IASTA -- In the current Retail environment, many companies are experiencing increased pressure to cut costs. Budgets are being slashed, leaving procurement teams with limited resources at their disposal. Sourcing groups are stepping up to the plate by automating their strategic sourcing processes, managing supplier risks, improving supplier performance, and identifying cost savings from both GNFR and GFR categories. OfficeMax, VF Corporation, Nordstrom, and Michaels have partnered with IASTA to overcome these challenges and transform into best-in-class sourcing organizations. Procurement groups such as Michael Van Kuelen's at VF Corporation, have used Iasta's solutions to prove that procurement can be a strategic partner, not just an operational partner.

Is anybody surprised by this...?
Are Chinese Companies in Latin America Paying Attention to Corporate Social Responsibility? -- According to data from GMI Ratings, the New York City based Environmental, Social, Governance research company, almost three quarters of the China-listed companies that operate in industries affected by environmental concerns have not achieved ISO 14001 environmental certification, a globally recognized standard. Chinese companies have invested in operations throughout the Americas, from Argentina and Brazil, all the way up the U.S. border in Mexico. Although in recent years, Chinese companies have implemented a range of CSR policies in Latin America, in 1992, Shougang got off to a bad start in Peru, when it chose to pay a penalty rather than fulfill an agreement to invest $150 million in the community surrounding its operation.

A unique supplier...
The last of the glass eye makers -- Losing an eye through illness or accident can devastate a person's life. A "glass" eye can help some people come to terms with it, but others choose to wear them for more nuanced reasons, writes Jolyon Jenkins. In a tiny room in a north London suburb, Jost Haas makes a glass eye. He holds a glass tube over a bunsen burner, twirling it constantly, blows through the molten glass, and turns it into a sphere.

Some love for my ladies.
The Cost of Getting in Shape: Chicago Indoor Rowing Championships -- Today I have to talk about a group of women who are very important to me, and who are also one of the main drivers/inspirations behind why I decided to get off my lazy butt and change my exercise and eating habits -- not only so I can cash in on it now while I'm young and healthy, but so I can feel young and healthy for the rest of my life. I don't know about you, but I don't want heart disease. I don't want to not be able to chase my future kiddos around a park. I don't want to have the awkward and gentle "gee, you should lose some weight" conversation with my doctor. I don't want a lifetime of popping prescription drugs. And though I am very lucky that cancer doesn't run in my family, I don't want cancer someday either.

- Sheena Moore

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