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"JAC 4R3" doesn't have the same ring, but...
Chinese car company designs Ford F-150 clone -- Ford doesn't sell its F-150 pickup in China, but soon you might think that it does. Chinese automaker JAC Motors plans to introduce a new truck that looks suspiciously like the American favorite, according to The Detroit News. Although a smaller vehicle, the JAC 4R3 has stacked headlights, big chrome side view mirror housings and a square grille that give it a strong resemblance to the F-150. It even uses a blue oval badge with JAC in the middle of it while the other vehicles in the company's lineup feature an emblem with a five-pointed star.

The circle of life...
Minister praises plan to heat swimming pool from fires of crematorium -- Sir George Young, leader of the House of Commons, said the proposal to warm a Worcestershire leisure centre with heat from a nearby crematorium was a "groundbreaking scheme".
He said the Government is considering whether the plan could be duplicated elsewhere in Britain.
"The Government is aware of this particular scheme," he said. "The Department for Energy and Climate Change will shortly be publishing its heat strategy and this will explore the potential for better recovery and reuse of wasted heat in schemes such as this one." He added that he would "die a happier man" if he knew heat from his cremation was warming the waters of a local pool.

Big city life = big $$ parking.
The cost of parking In U.S. cities -- It's the bane of big-city life, the never-ending search for a parking spot is on of the most frustrating things about living in a densely populated area. And after all that time spent circling the block, you still have to shell out a pretty penny at the meter or in the garage once you actually find a space. Unless you're willing to give up city life and move to the country, you can't avoid the expensive realities of parking a car. However, by arming yourself with a bit of knowledge, you can make parking an easier, cheaper act in the future.

Occupy toilet.
Occupy Toilet: Women Protest Long Lines For Public Bathrooms -- In Guangzhuo, China, one student decided that enough was enough. Li Tingting and 20 female accomplices set up camp in a men's public toilet to protest long wait times, according to the AFP. The express purpose of the 'occupy' toilet protests was "not to forcibly stop men from using their toilet, but to arouse consciousness on gender equality in both women and men," the group explained, according to UPI.

- Sheena Moore

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  1. Brian Daniels:

    Hmmm…while I am a big fan of my F150, I could be persuaded to take a look!

  2. Jason Busch:

    Brian Daniels, if you are reading this, I found your next truck … maybe we could import two in one container for the cost of 1 F150 🙂

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