Commodity EDGE: Last Day for Earlybird Pricing

We've prayed to the commodity gods for continued uncertainty and volatility. We've found the most expert speakers. We've designed the print materials and are sending them to press. And we've found the right set of sponsors with great insights, in their own right. Putting together Commodity EDGE: Sourcing Intelligence for the New Normal has been a non-stop effort on our part, but our investment is your gain -- all you have to do is show up to reap the benefits!

Today marks the last day to sign up and get earlybird pricing. As a community who appreciates a good bargain (and for many, whose jobs depend on the ability to negotiate the best possible price and value), we advise you to get your registration in today.

Why should you attend?

  • Because Jason says so in this blog post. All jokes aside, though, we've really put together a highly impressive team of speakers who eat, live, and breathe the most cutting edge sourcing, supply risk and commodity management theory, practice, and technology that's out there today. Don't believe us? Check 'em out.
  • Because you get to choose your program. We set the keynotes, but you choose your own breakout sessions. Three out of the following are completely your choice: steel, aluminum, energy, base metals, rare earth metals, packaging, transportation, plastics, chemicals/ingredients, commodity management technology, and indirect materials. Each of these topics gets a one-hour deep dive.
  • Because we put together this witty little image designed to make you smirk. Come on. No one wants another rubber chicken Marriot lunch. We picked the best venue for a reason. That, and we negotiated a great rate (including an outstanding room rate that expires this week as well -- book here).

Some other incentives:

ISM members receive a 5% discount as well as credit hours: participants who successfully complete this program will receive (9.75) hours of continuing education. They may be applied toward ISM CPSM recertification, CPSD recertification, C.P.M. recertification, and/or A.P.P. reaccreditation program requirements.

IACCM members receive a 5% discount.

(If you are a member of one of these organizations, contact me for your discount code to use while registering: smoore (at) spendmatters (dot) com).

Need some extra convincing? Here are some final thoughts from Jason:

  1. Because commodity volatility tied to oil is not going away anytime soon, unless the mullahs decide to roll over and make peace with the world. Right.
  2. Because the last time commodity prices skyrocketed, we had an excuse for being caught off-guard. Now, there's no "my dog ate my commodity homework" excuse for not proactively having a viewpoint and strategy to deal with volatility (regardless of whether or not you have a "no-hedge" policy).
  3. Because intelligence counts now more than ever. And we've personally selected the best set of expert speakers to gather in a single venue to cover a range of economic and commodity trends, analyses and forecasts

We sincerely hope to see you there. And don't forget to register today to get the earlybird discount and also lock in the best price for the hotel. Book here for a room before prices increase (we know you appreciate value as much as we do)!

- Sheena Moore

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