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IKEA ditches non-compliant suppliers.
Ikea prepares to drop non-compliant suppliers -- Ikea is preparing to cut suppliers unwilling or unable to satisfy the requirements of its code of conduct, as it aims to achieve 100 per cent compliance this year. The retail chain has a goal of making all of its suppliers compliant with its 'Iway' supplier code, which enforces standards on the environment, safety and social and working conditions. In its latest sustainability report, the company said it expected some existing vendors would not be fully compliant by the deadline of the end of September, and was preparing to "phase out" those who did not meet the standards.

What's up with hedging?
Hedge Funds: A $2 Trillion Industry? -- When it comes to the hedge fund industry, where billions of dollars are made and lost each year due in part to the accuracy of information, precise measurement and reporting on the scale of the industry itself appears frustratingly imprecise and hence unimportant. At the end of the fourth quarter of 2011, estimates of hedge fund industry assets under management (AuM) ranged from a low of $1.64 trillion to a high of $2.46 trillion or more, an astounding difference of at least 50%.

Agree, Tom!
The Industry Needs a "Mobile Code of Etiquette" -- I was out to dinner last evening with my two teenage daughters –and both of them needed to be told, repeatedly, to put their mobile phones away. Unfortunately, I quickly lost my temper and said, "turn them off." Frankly, it's just plain rude and it's an embarrassment that they don't seem to know any better. Feel free to ask me how I really feel about it. Although I hid my displeasure on the occasion of this next example, I was similarly disgusted when the attending nurse at our local hospital was checking her cell phone for messages in one hand while resetting the monitors attached to my mother's body (my mom needed a few tests last week). The nurse could tell I was upset about something, but she really had no idea what my problem was and, under those circumstances, I wasn't going to tell her.

Just can't make enough...
Apple: Screens For iPad3 In Short Supply, DigiTimes Says -- Apple is having trouble getting sufficient supply of new high resolution displays for the iPad3, DigiTimes reports, citing "industry sources in the supply chain." The company is expected to launch the new iPad at an event scheduled for March 7 in San Francisco. DigiTimes says that the new iPad, which is expected to come in 16 GB and 32 GB versions, will have the same size screen as the old version – 9.7 inches – but with a higher resolution – 2048 by 1536 pixels , compared to the old version with a 1024 x 769 resolution.

- Sheena Moore

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