Spend Matters Friday Latte

"Data" proves it.
Mac Users Are More Fashionable Than PC Users, Study Finds -- Attention Apple users: if you've long suspected that you are, in fact, actually cooler than your PC-adoring counterparts, new data suggests you're right. A study conducted by the data-driven review site Bundle analyzed data from over 700,000 PC and Mac buyers on how and where they spend their money. Their conclusion: Mac users really are more fashion-forward and style-conscious than PC users.

The UK isn't thrilled about who's printing tickets for the Olympics...
Brit Firms Fume Over Olympic Ticket Job -- With a U.S. firm landing the lucrative London Olympic ticket printing contract, British firms are fuming. The Fort Smith, Arkansas firm of Welson, Williams and Lick, whose largest client is Ticketmaster, was awarded the deal to produce 11?million Olympics and Paralympics tickets, the UK's largest single ticket order for a sporting event. The deal is estimated at $25 million. One UK print broker claims Bristish companies were never offered to pitch LOCOG. "It is typical of our country," a CCS McLays account manager tells The London Evening Standard. "The Yanks would never give it to us, or if the Olympics were in France, UK companies would not get the contract."

Increased food transparency.
Bon Appétit Management Company's Role in Making New Food Data Available -- At least 25 percent of the farmers and ranchers who want to work with Bon Appétit will need to go through an audit to obtain certification from one of the aforementioned third-party certifiers. This will likely lead in an increased number of farmers applying for certification, resulting in more data about growing practices being captured. Information collected through audits includes living conditions, nutrition and animal management; as well as topics such as farm size, number of livestock and where the livestock are being sold.

It's almost time to run outside again! (except oh yeah, allergies...)
America's 10 Best Cities For Runners -- Wondering if you should make room for running shoes in your carry-on? It may depend on where you're headed--some cities are hotbeds for running enthusiasts with picturesque paths, competitive races and close-to-perfect climates. We looked at a slew of America's best cities for runners and, with the help of Forbes Travel Guide contributor and multi-marathoner Kate Bongiovanni, we culled the list to 10--check out the full article here on Startle.com.

- Sheena Moore

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