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The cost of college.
Why Tuition Has Skyrocketed at State Schools -- There's a lot of debate about why college costs have risen so much. Many people assume that schools are spending too much money on frivolous things like climbing walls and Jacuzzis. That's true for a handful of elite schools, but not for a vast majority. Some of the rising cost has to do with other services schools have been adding over the last few decades, like mental health counselors and emergency alert systems. And certainly there are other inefficiencies that have crept into the system as higher education has become more things to more people.

Supplier diversity woes...
Women, minorities pay a high price for procurement gains -- An American Express survey, "Women and Minority Small Business Contractors: Divergent Paths to Equal Success," measured 740 active small-business contractors and looked at how the women and minority contractor experiences compares with other small firms in terms of overall contracting activity and success. It found, particularly for minorities, that the annual investment made to seek federal contracts was 35 percent higher than for the average small firm with the same credentials. While small firms invested an average of $103,827 to secure a federal contract in 2010, the investment made by minority business owners averaged $139,709. Women business owners invested a less-than-average $86,643, but still up 23 percent from their 2009 investment of $70,512.

See ya, G8.
Obama Moves G-8 From Chicago to Camp David: "Occupy Camp David" Explodes on Twitter -- The G-8 has a reputation for drawing giant crowds of violent protesters, and news of growing Occupy protests surely sparked fears over a repeat of the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle, also called "The Battle of Seattle." Adbusters, one of the organizations that helped launch Occupy Wall Street, had been recruiting huge numbers of protesters to gather in Chicago to protest the summit -- Chicago Police were estimating 2 – 10,000, reports the Chicago Tribune. The NATO summit will still be happening during the same time, but the G-8 is historically a huge event for protesters. This move both puts a wrench in their plans and creates a giant amount of momentum without anywhere to go.

Mess with Wii's sensor bar: get burned.
Wii candle warning as Ammanford boy burnt -- "I understand that tea lights had been lit to make the console work." The spokesman added: "This is a very dangerous practice and although they may seem harmless enough, tea lights can pose a serious threat as they can ignite curtains, paper and other combustible materials in the vicinity of the candles." People have found that the Wii's sensor bar can be replaced by using a pair of tea lights positioned apart as they give off infra-red light.

- Sheena Moore

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