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Fake drugs.
Drug Distributor Is Tied to Imports of Fake Avastin -- Authorities investigating the importation of low-cost foreign pharmaceuticals into the U.S. have identified a supply chain that may have allowed fake cancer drugs to reach U.S. clinics, according to investigators and documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. Federal officials are examining the business dealings of two Canadian businessmen who have long histories in the Internet pharmacy trade that delivers discounted prescription drugs from overseas to U.S. citizens, the documents and interviews reveal.

A Modern-Day Downton? Why Servant Work May Be On the Rise -- In one sense, paying others to do our chores is economically over-determined. The more advanced the economy, the more it relies on people performing specific tasks, whether on an assembly line, in medical sub-specialties, or in restaurants that cater to specific tastes. It makes sense that domestic tasks could fall victim to this trend as we seek to maximize our focus on the work that matter to us.

Such a rampant focus on Apple...what about everyone else?
Apple needs good, not just better, supply chain -- Apple has taken its share of criticism lately over working conditions at the Chinese factories of suppliers like Foxconn Technology. Despite the bad press, workers preparing the iPad 3 – which Apple is widely expected to unveil on Wednesday – are treated less badly than many in the electronics business. The sector in turn provides a noticeably better environment than, say, toy or clothing makers do, in the eyes of labor groups. But with Apple's iconic brand, roughly $500 billion market capitalization and $100 billion of cash, doing things relatively well isn't enough.

France implants: PIP boss Mas jailed for bail default -- Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) was shut down in 2010 after it was found to have used industrial-grade silicone gel. Up to 400,000 women in 65 countries are thought to have had the implants. The French government has advised 30,000 women to have their PIP implants removed, a call repeated in several other countries, including Germany and the Czech Republic.

- Sheena Moore

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