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No...but an interesting point about how to make proper comparisons.
Is Apple really worth more than Poland? -- It seems like an amazing fact - that Apple's stock market value, or market cap, of $506bn (£323bn) makes it worth more than Poland, whose Gross Domestic Product is about $470bn (£300bn). This would make Apple around the 20th biggest economy in the world. But it is not true. It makes no sense to compare the two like this. You might as well compare... apples and pears. This is because the market value of a company is linked to the expected value of all future profits. GDP, on the other hand, is a measure of the value of goods and services a country has produced in a single year.

IKEA's supply chain manifesto: it's for the kiddos.
Business in the best interests of children -- Supply chains – from factory to field - by their very nature are complex and we know that we will not always get it right. And while the areas outlined in the Principles and supporting the human rights of children are not new areas for us, they will help us to go even further. We will strengthen our efforts and learn from the good examples, with the aim to create lasting and sustainable change on a large-scale. Always with the best interests of children in mind.

Who sees what first.
At Kennedy, Cargo Workers See the Future -- On a recent afternoon, over the steady chimes of forklift bells gliding across the floor, terminal workers talked about how foodies from Zurich were craving California asparagus and how the latest fabrics from Milan were burgundy and tan. They talked about how much less United States mail they had seen lately, and how they could tell when companies had lost their patents on drugs: generic versions suddenly filled the warehouse. "We get to see it first," said Mr. Burkhardt, the managing director of cargo services for American Airlines. "You see them coming in, sort of the edge of the wave, before it gets out there." In many ways, the cargo terminal resembles the airport's passenger terminals, with designated areas for imports and exports and a massive X-ray machine to screen the most ungainly packages.

Surprise surprise...
London 2012 Olympics doubles price of hotel rooms -- An annual survey of hotel room prices has found that visitors to London will pay twice as much to stay as last year. A study by Hotels.com found prices for booking in March this year for August are 102% higher than for the same months last year. The website, which is part of the Expedia group of companies, says the average price of a hotel room in London will be £213 this summer.

- Sheena Moore

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