Commodity EDGE: Public Policies Impacting Sourcing and Supply Chain Organizations (Dispatch 10)

We're live blogging Commodity EDGE today and tomorrow. If you can't join us at the event, join us virtually on Spend Matters and MetalMiner.

Please click here for the first post in this live-blogging series about how public policies impact procurement and supply chain organizations. At the end of the public policies panel, I had the chance to ask the panelists the type of question they were clearly not prepared to get. To wit, "If you were supreme dictator of the United States, what three public policy decisions would you make to enhance US competitiveness on the world stage over a sustainable time frame?"

Nucor's Jennifer Diggins chimed in and stepped up to the challenge. She suggested reeling in the EPA (and all they've done to drive new environmental regulation in the past few years) as well as those that are coming down the implementation and compliance pike would be a critical first step to improve US competitiveness. In her words, "A lot of folks in the business community feel that EPA regulations that have come out and those that are coming out have created a lot of business uncertainty in the marketplace."

No doubt this is the case. And for job creation in basic industries, energy and other manufacturing and industrial markets, our elected officials should ask themselves whether or not we want to improve the unemployment rate or send jobs abroad. In addition, Jennifer suggested that infrastructure investment could help drive US competitive advantage as well. In particular, highway construction and rebuilding would provide far greater returns when it comes to broader logistics efficiency and advantage, jobs creation and related benefits compared with other stimulus programs.

- Jason Busch

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