Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

Loving this early spring? Think big picture...
Early Spring May Signal Darker Climate Changes Ahead -- And humans could feel the loss economically. For example, if apple orchards are affected, farmers would experience a loss of produce, which could potentially be very damaging to their profits for the year.

There go hunters contaminating the food chain again.
Hunters fire back at environmental group's effort to ban 'toxic' lead bullets -- The Center for Biological Diversity, which claims 220,000 members, has sent a petition to the Environmental Protection Agency on behalf of nearly 100 groups in 35 states asking the agency to regulate lead right out of ammunition. It's the second time the group has attempted to get the EPA to take up the cause, and the group is currently suing the federal agency for rejecting the previous bid.

Want some juice? Have eight bucks?
Would you buy $8 juice from Starbucks? -- An eight-ounce drink will cost you $4.99, and a 16-ounce glass of juice will set you back $7.99. Starbucks lauds it as the next step in the natural-food industry, and the Bellevue tester store offers food and beverages that are never heated through high pressure processing. Take a look and see if you think it's worth $8.

Mark Hoffman Appointed Chairman, Oxygen Finance Americas -- Accelerated
Payment and Benefits Capture specialists Oxygen Finance ("Oxygen") are pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Hoffman as Chairman of their US operations. He has also been appointed a member of the board of Oxygen's parent company Oxygen Finance Holdings Limited. He will be responsible for overseeing and guiding the development of Oxygen's business in the Americas.

Remembering MCA.
How MCA should be remembered.

- Sheena Moore

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