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The USPS, Special Interest Demands and a Valuable Debate on the Supply Risk a Postal Service Failure Could Cause.
Industries Fear the Ripple Effects of Proposed Postal Service Cuts -- Giant insurers like Aegon of the Netherlands want to make sure that the United States Postal Service stays out of the insurance business. And medical supply companies like Medco oppose the post office's plans to cut Saturday delivery, saying the move would delay medicines and could add to the cost of mail-order drugs. As Congress begins work this week on legislation to shore up the finances of the debt-ridden post office, companies representing a cross-section of American business are spending millions of dollars lobbying lawmakers to oppose or support various proposals to keep the agency afloat.

Let's call this one a "draining" supplier performance issue/recall...
Fisker supplier A123 Systems says manufacturing fault was cause of battery pack failure -- Massachusetts based battery maker A123 Systems has announced that it will be replacing $55 million worth of defective battery packs supplied to automakers after a defect was discovered in its manufacturing process. According to company CEO David Vieau, a problem at A123 Systems' Livonia, Michigan, facility caused a defect in some of the prismatic cells produced there, which could lead to a failure of a battery pack containing the faulty cells. The issue was confirmed the cause of a high-profile failure of the battery pack in a Fisker Karma owned by Consumer Reports that broke down with less than 200 miles on the odometer.

No more pink slime.
"Pink Slime" Beef Manufacturer Suspends Production -- Looks like that old combination of media coverage and public outrage has finally made an impact. Beef Products, Inc., the manufacturer of the ammonia-treated beef colloquially known as pink slime, has suspended production at three of its four plants while it re-evaluates its business strategy. In case you missed the back story, McDonald's announced that they'd stop using the ammonia-treated beef scraps in their hamburgers earlier this year, after public objections about the product's safety. The USDA was still going to buy it for school lunches, and the beef industry tried to defend its use. But, after many media outlets pointed out the contradiction between President Obama's new healthy lunch initiatives and the use of such a dubious product, the USDA announced they would take steps to inform school districts which ground beef contained the product. Supermarket chains all over the country dropped the stuff.

That's one way to continue your unemployment benefits.
Saw Foot -- Jobless Austrian Hans Url almost died after he cut off his own foot and threw it in an oven so he could continue to claim unemployment benefits. The 56-year-old long term jobless man had been in a row with local job centre staff (AMS) at Mitterlabill at Feldbach in southern Austria after they told him he would have to take a job - and would have to accept the work they found for him. When he complained he was too sick to work and didn't like the work he was offered, they ordered him to go for a medical to check the claim.

- Sheena Moore

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