Webinar Tuesday! Surround Strategies to Get More From Existing ERP, eProcurement and P2P Investments

Join Spend Matters (and sponsor Coupa) tomorrow (Tuesday, April 3rd) for a live webinar at 1:00 PM CT: Surround Strategies to Get More From Existing ERP, eProcurement and P2P Investments. The webinar is based on an in-depth Spend Matters Compass report on the same topic that will be released later this week. It's a subject we see resonating increasingly well within companies looking to get more from existing ERP, eProcurement and P2P investments. Specifically, the webinar well examine how users of these tools can get more from existing or planned deployments, including leveraging supplemental solutions as a strategic extension of their current systems to help drive enhanced savings, compliance and general adoption.

We base our core beliefs around the topic on four principals:

  • Focus on the user first -- and what you'll need to do to maximize their use of applications and ensure compliance
  • Augment, don't necessarily replace
  • Amplify ROI of existing investments; don't deploy an entirely new system if you don't have to
  • Put things that deserve to be in a box, in a box

On the webinar, we'll explore five specific approaches to surround strategies as well as a number of use cases where we've protected the innocent (and guilty) by abstracting names and the most granular of details (while keeping the rest of the customer experience true to form). These five approaches are:

  1. Invest in a new user experience layer that creates a usability buffer and potentially adds new capability
  2. Augment existing eProcurement or P2P investments with third-party tools or solutions in targeted areas that improve the basic capability of the system itself
  3. Invest in complementary technology that goes above and beyond the original capability of the eProcurement or P2P solution
  4. Work with a third-party solutions provider that will often provide technology and potentially more services-driven capabilities
  5. Purchase new solutions that gradually consume their hosts

Curious? Join us tomorrow. We promise a packed hour with a healthy combination of P2P depth and wit tossed in for good measure. You can register here if you haven't signed up already.

- Jason Busch

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