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Google goggles.
Rivals already eying Google eyewear; competitors now in development -- Though Project Glass was revealed just this week, rival companies already have similar products in development according to Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White. White is currently meeting with supply chain companies in China and Taiwan, and he shared several insights from meetings in Taipei in a note to investors Thursday night. White observed an overall optimistic tone during his first day of meetings as companies prepare for a seasonal ramp-up in production. This is sharp contrast to the tone White observed in similar meetings late last year.

Cut cut cut.
Sony to Eliminate 10,000 Jobs, 6% of Workforce, Nikkei Says -- Sony Corp. (6758), the Japanese electronics maker that has forecast a fourth straight annual loss, will slash about 10,000 jobs, or 6 percent of its workforce, the Nikkei newspaper reported on its website. As many as 5,000 job cuts will come from reorganizing businesses making chemicals and small-and medium-sized panels, the Nikkei reported. George Boyd, a spokesman for the Tokyo- based company, declined to comment when contacted by phone.

Budgeting your smartphone data usage.
A Ballooning Megabyte Budget -- Everyone knows how long a minute is. And your cellphone carrier keeps close tabs on how many you have used this month. Now, in the smartphone era, more people are being forced to think about how many megabytes of data they are using. But what, exactly, is a megabyte? If a sampling of pedestrians on the streets of Brooklyn is any guide, most people have only a vague idea. One said a megabyte was "the amount of something we have to use the Internet," adding, "We should have three or four."

Did you hear about The Boat Race?!
Tradition and Boat Race Both Upended on the Thames -- Until this year, both contests were generally fought within what the British call the Marquess of Queensberry rules of fair play. To be sure, the boat race has seen sinkings, annulments, at least one dead heat and two crew mutinies, including one 25 years ago by American oarsmen that provided the plotline for the 1996 movie "True Blue." And every year in recent times, noisy protesters have thrust their banners at the television cameras that broadcast the race and the festive scene on the riverbank to viewers around the world. But in the end, things had always come off peaceably enough. Then came Saturday, when the whole affair ended more in frustration and tears than in celebration.

- Sheena Moore

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