Beeline Customer Summit: Exploring Beeline's Goals and Growth (Dispatch 3)

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At the start of Beeline's Customer Conference today, Beeline's President Doug Leeby shared a number of recent goals, which include building "bulletproof" technology for an environment where global scale and access matters more than ever before. He also suggested the importance of focusing on the "broader general services procurement" sector inclusive of SOW, BPO management, etc. In addition, Beeline has recently prioritized a range of global expansion initiatives and capabilities, Doug said. Beeline's international (primarily Europe) growth facts back this up.

Today, Beeline has 36 staff in the European market spread across the UK, Netherlands, France, Ireland and Switzerland (up from 18 in 2010). These team members are supporting "16 live clients in 5 countries" and helping to currently roll out "5 additional implementations" in the region. Many of these programs are global in nature. Beeline shared that "60% of its European clients also have US operations with Beeline" compared with "40%" of the European relationships, which represent "organic market-specific growth." Overall, Beeline's European operation and expansion -- in customers, not necessarily spend under management, as contingent programs often have a long-tail of adoption -- shows a 100% CAGR over the past three years.

Beyond focusing on core technology (and scalability), broader services procurement growth and global expansion, Beeline's other recent goals have focused on becoming more "data-driven" and "innovative" across the board. These are certainly challenges for an organization that has self-admittedly excelled at customer intimacy over time (as the saying goes, pick one: technical leadership, customer intimacy, or operational efficiency). Taken together, these activities are no doubt earning the respect of Beeline's parent Adecco.

Dominik De Daniel, Adecco's CFO, spoke briefly this morning and noted that two years ago, when Adecco acquired MPS (and Beeline along with it), it was not entirely clear about how Beeline fit into the equation (Spend Matters note: the valuation of Fieldglass in their sale to Madison Dearborn undoubtedly helped solidify the strategic importance of the asset to Adecco). Yet today, "Beeline is of high strategic importance to Adecco," De Daniel suggests. "We continue to invest such that Beeline can become the global number one in the VMS space."

A lofty goal, no doubt. But Beeline does appear to potentially have a chance at becoming a competitive number three (in relative share) to Fieldglass and IQNavigator given the high rate of customer acquisition in the past twelve months (including some huge global names who are in attendance in Orlando) in short order. And perhaps they have the air cover to pull it off. De Daniel notes, "Doug and his team have a direct line to Zurich."

- Jason Busch

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