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It's been awhile since we've posted what's going on with Spend Matters UK, Healthcare Matters, and MetalMiner. See below for what Peter, Tom, and Lisa/Taras/Stuart are up to.

From Spend Matters UK/Europe
PRGX and more on Spend Analytics – essential tools for procurement -- We introduced PRGX and their SpendTrax spend visibility platform here recently – we were impressed at our demo by its speed and usability. In part 2 today, we'll look at what you can do in terms of more detailed supplier analysis using this platform. The supplier management tool enables the user to dig into a specific supplier in more detail. As well as taking the basic spend data – probably from one or multiple ERP feeds – the platform enables the user to bring in other relevant external feeds, for instance from information providers like D & B or Bureau Van Dijk.

Management Consultancies Awards – saving lives, saving money... -- If you follow me on Twitter, you will have got all the results from the Management Consultancies Association annual awards dinner last Thursday. It was a very good event, even if it felt a little strange personally ; it's usually a CIPS event when I'm in Black Tie, and I'm used to knowing loads of people. Last week, 600 diners – and I knew about 4 people there!

From Healthcare Matters
Premier Perspectives Database: Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) –Validated.
-- The Premier Perspective database covers 20% of the U.S. hospital discharges. Among other things, it is the largest inpatient drug utilization database in the U.S. The database contains complete billing and coding history on more than 45 million hospital inpatient discharges and more than 210 million hospital outpatient visits "from acute care facilities, ambulatory surgery centers and clinics across the nation." In accordance with the agreements Premier has with its members, the level of detail available to support in-house and independent research is stunning.

Meaningful Use" Pay Offs Working: They Usually Do -- There's been a lot of talk –and scrambling--going on concerning "meaningful use" of Electronic Health Records (EHR). Well, the Medicare and Medicaid electronic health record program has paid $4.5 billion to 76,612 physicians and hospitals in incentive payments through March 2012. How's that for "meaningful?"

From MetalMiner
Will Amazon Disrupt MRO and Industrial Supply Markets? -- My other half just penned a piece about a new B2B service offering likely to create substantial disruption in industrial manufacturing supply markets – Amazon Supply. That's right, Amazon.com, that place we have all grown accustomed to purchasing a broad array of goodies (we actually buy all of our office supplies from Amazon) has now dipped more than its toe in industrial MRO.

- Brianna Tonner

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    EHR implementations face both high-tech and low-tech hurdles. http://www.healthcaretownhall.com/?p=3858

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